Seven Peaks: An Adventure Around the Planet

This adventure is for the Planet

We know that it is no longer news but the truth is that the fires in the Amazon continue to destroy part of what many consider 'the lungs of the Planet'.

We also know that from here and without everyone's help, we can do little.

But at Seven Peaks we had been wanting to contribute our grain of sand for some time, no matter how small, and finally, thanks to the ONE TREE PLANTED.ORG association, we managed to plant between one and 10 trees on Amazon for each of your orders.

It is a small initiative but together we can surely continue to take care of our Planet and thus continue exploring, discovering and enjoying everything it gives us.

If you want you can join us on this adventure and be part of it, simply spreading it, contributing ideas and of course, if you like any of our products, contributing directly to reforestation.

This is our first initiative and hopefully the beginning of many more :D

Will you join? #fortheplanet