edredon sherpa

Sherpa quilt


      Welcome to Seven Peaks, your trusted destination for products designed with your comfort in mind, anywhere and anytime!

      We are excited to introduce the Sherpa Camper Quilt, specially created for van life.

      With its ideal size, stain resistance, and all-season adaptable filling, this Sherpa Camper Quilt is a must-have for your getaways.

      Designed for Van Life

      The Sherpa Camper Quilt from Seven Peaks has been carefully designed to suit van life. Its size of 205 x 185 cm is perfect for two people, providing a comfortable space to rest and relax during your adventures.

      Whether you're exploring nature or camping in a picturesque destination, our Sherpa Camper Quilt will provide you with the comfort and warmth you need.

      Stain Resistant and easy to care for

      Our Sherpa Camper Quilt is made from high-quality materials that resist stains, which is especially important when you're on the move. Enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about getting your quilt dirty.

      Moreover, its high-quality design allows for easy care and cleaning. Follow the washing instructions, and your Sherpa Camper Quilt will be ready for your next adventure in no time.

      All-Season adaptable filling

      Versatility is a standout feature of our Sherpa Camper Quilt. The filling has been carefully selected to adapt to all seasons. Stay warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to our high-quality materials.

      No matter when you decide to embark on your next van getaway, the Sherpa Camper Quilt will adapt to your needs and provide the right comfort at all times.

      Your ideal getaway companion

      The Sherpa Camper Quilt from Seven Peaks will become your inseparable companion on all your getaways. Its compact and easily foldable design allows it to take up minimal space in your van, leaving more room for other essential items.

      Enjoy comfort and warmth while exploring new destinations and creating unforgettable memories.

      Don't wait any longer to experience unforgettable moments of comfort and warmth. Order your Sherpa Camper Quilt today and get ready for unparalleled adventures!