Why Seven Peaks?

Why Seven Peaks?

About us

Seven Peaks is a young brand, born in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and formed by a group of entrepreneurs who love nature, adventure and the outdoors in general.

Our name refers to the Seven most famous Peaks in the world; their ascent is one of the greatest challenges in the history of mankind and we want in some way that this is also an exciting challenge that we can enjoy every step with you.
At Seven Peaks we are 365 days a year in search of the best products to enjoy the outdoors.
The idea was born with the desire to make unique products that connect us with adventure, the mountains and the desire to escape from the daily routine.

But above all, it was born with the illusion of contributing our grain of sand to the conservation of our Planet, which gives us so much without asking for anything in return, which is why one of our great purposes and one of the fundamental pillars of Seven Peaks is to fill the Amazon with life since we are aware that together with the oceans it is the lung of our Planet.

The work of caring for the planet is in our hands and we cannot think of a better way to care for it than by connecting with nature.
We want to thank you our followers for helping us create this great family, participating in our project, our games, contests, surveys... Without a doubt, Seven Peaks is you, you are the best!

Something else :)

What is Living on the top and why do we always use this hashtag?

Everyone gets excited, laughs, shouts, enjoys... as soon as it reaches the top but... why not always? Why not enjoy every moment as if we were already at the top? laughing, running, exploring and discovering. 'Living on top'. 


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