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PACK NEXT LEVEL - seven peaks online
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Your favorite XL blanket with our three-in-one pump!! There is no longer an excuse to go off the road to get lost in the world, we make it easy for you mountainlover.

Blanket XL:

Outdoor blanket created especially for adventure. Stay warm by shedding weight, space, and any debris on your getaways.

Frees up space and weight thanks to its ability to shrink and its incredible lightness. We chose this fabric, among other things, for its low weight and its ability to shrink compared to other blankets such as wool, which also provide warmth but are heavier. Thanks to its included transport bag, you can carry your Manta outdoor even in your backpack. Inside its own bag it only occupies 45x20 cm and weighs 800 gr.

Don't be cold. It is a high-performance blanket designed for both outdoors and indoors. From the beginning we were looking for a blanket that would give us the benefits of a sleeping bag but with the great advantages of a blanket:

  • Be able to move comfortably and sleep on your side
  • Much nicer fabric
  • Remove one foot outside or uncover a little in cases of too much heat
  • Share our blanket with whoever we want

It is made up of small spaces of insulation that allow heat to be trapped and retained in small gaps for superior warmth without adding bulk. It's like a bed quilt suitable for adventure too! Comfort temperature: 0-5º

For the padding we have an innovative fabric, 3D Hollowfiber® made up of hollow 100% cotton fibers that will give us the thermal capacities of down fillings, also providing us with greater capacity against the moisture and much easier to wash. Another of the essentials was to be able to replace the feathers used in the high-performance blankets, avoiding animal exploitation and the inconvenience of the feather in cases of humidity or contact with water

Another point that we wanted to improve compared to other technical blankets on the market were the seams, which often end up breaking or tearing, causing the blanket to lose its capabilities . For this reason, each blanket is woven with a double thread for exteriors that is resistant to friction and scratches

It is also resistant to liquids and dirt so you won't have to worry if it gets wet or stained while eating in the mountains or on the beach. van since its Largewaterproof system (20D Ripstop nylon with DWR shield) will repel liquids and dirt, keeping it dry for when the time comes to use it. Both the blanket and the carrying bag that it comes with have this capacity, so you can transport it outside the backpack without fear of it getting wet.

The great resistance of this outer fabric allows it to be used on rocky terrain as well as letting your pet play on it without fear of it tearing or damaging it

Another of its good qualities is how easy it is to clean, which can be machine washed (<30º) and the ability to repel also pet hair

Size 145x200 cm

All our products have 2 years of guarantee and a period of 30 days for changes and returns

Inflator with flashlight:

Electric inflator + suction pump + flashlight three levels with built-in intensity All united in an ultra-compact product and portable, we present the 3-in-1 Air pump, your best companion on adventures.

Give air to any inflatable effortlessly thanks to its power of 180 l/min. You can also use it to stoke the fire in the barbecue or a campfire.
Inflation times depend on the product, (a standard double mattress will be ready in less than 7 minutes while a single mattress will be ready in a couple of minutes)

We know that deflating the mattress or the kayak when the week of camping or the day at the beach is over is uncomfortable and takes time; I remember those incredible camping weeks in which the only bad thing was having to pick up everything and we all preferred to pick up clothes and food rather than deflate mattresses, cushions... so we incorporated a really powerful suction mode to deflate effortlessly while we can do other things. In addition this also serves as compression to free up space in your backpack, van or suitcase. Turn on the compression switch and quickly remove excess air from any vacuum bag.

This pump includes 5 different nozzles so you can adapt to all your inflatables such as mattresses, cushions, mats, yoga balls, floats, rafts, etc.

It is complemented by something essential in any getaway, a powerful flashlight with three intensity levels (50, 150 and 400 lumens) use it both outside and inside any store campaign or van.

Air pump 3 in 1 is water resistant so you don't have to worry if it gets rained on or a bottle of water spills.
ATTENTION: It is waterproof NOT submersible

Super reduced size of 4.3 cm and a weight of 89 grams. Can you imagine carrying your air pump and flashlight in your pocket? You can hang it from your backpack or in your pocket thanks to its ultralight design with a built-in steel ring so you can hang it anywhere.

We were aware that one of the drawbacks of the other inflators offered on the market was having to use a cable, although we could connect it to the cigarette lighter many times we wanted to be able to inflate directly on the beach, the most high in the mountains or in front of the river without having to carry our inflatable from the car. That's why we incorporated a lithium battery powerful enough to inflate up to 4 double mattresses on a single charge.The battery is lithium (1300 maH)

We finally found the little utensil that we had been looking for for a long time and that allows us to inflate, deflate and have a good flashlight while saving space in our backpack

All our products have a 2-year guarantee and a period of 15 days for changes and returns

Shipping is free and takes between 24-72h

If you still have any questions we will be happy to help you, contact us through our WhatsApp (622 84 65 64) or email

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· Envíos a Islas Canarias: 15€

· Envíos al resto de Europa: 7€ y envíos gratis a partir de 100€

Cambios y devoluciones gratis en los primeros 30 días

Contáctanos a través de WhatsApp o email y te damos todas las indicaciones, tu no tienes que hacer nada

El producto debe estar sin marcas de uso y con su embalaje original

Todos nuestros productos tienen 2 años de garantía para cualquier problema que te pudiera ocasionar por defectos de fabricación.

Sometemos a todos nuestros productos a exhaustivos controles de calidad para conseguir un producto de garantía y que dure toda la vida



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